Information Security and Confidentiality Policy


The information and the processes that support it are an important asset for our organization and therefore must be protected. Information may be presented in print or on paper, stored electronically, transmitted by mail or electronic means, represented in images, or displayed in conversation. However information is presented, stored or communicated, it must be adequately protected.

Information Security protects information from a wide range of threats, in order to guarantee business continuity, minimize damage and maximize company productivity. We can define Information Security as a set of measures, controls, procedures and actions aimed at complying with the three essential basic aspects to provide a good service, obtain profitability, comply with current legislation and maintain and improve the social image of the company. own company. Those three basics are:

Confidentiality: the information must be known exclusively by authorized persons, at the time and in the manner provided.
Integrity: the information must be complete, accurate and valid, its content being that provided in accordance with predetermined, authorized and controlled processes.
Availability: the information must be accessible and usable by authorized users at all times, and its own persistence must be guaranteed in the face of any eventuality.
REALTRACK SYSTEMS SL establishes a series of controls to deal with possible incidents that may affect the security of the Information Systems. Not only are the methods of notification, management and recording of incidents related to the Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) established, but the company is committed to the continuous review of said controls to guarantee compliance with the requirements in security, thus obtaining the maximum performance of its assets.

A strict policy for copying and storing information relevant to the company is also defined. This storage is carried out under the responsibility of qualified personnel in charge of preserving and maintaining said backup copies in perfect condition, thus safeguarding our competitiveness and autonomy. As a preventive measure, it should be noted that REALTRACK SYSTEMS SL has a local server and another in the cloud, for the secure storage of relevant information.

Regarding the management of access to our systems, we guarantee an unbeatable service to its users through the implementation of an identification and authentication system. Which not only restricts access to third parties but also facilitates the work of our employees in a completely secure environment.

All REALTRACK SYSTEMS SL staff must comply with the guidelines and standards contained in the security procedures and will assume the duty of collaboration with this organization in the interest that there are no alterations or violations of these rules. Failure to comply with these obligations by the personnel may give rise to disciplinary responsibility, and the exercise of legal procedures by the company for its demand.


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