Spanish Beach Soccer National Team and the EPTS technology

Spanish Beach Soccer National Team and the EPTS technology

The Spanish National Beach Soccer team uses the WIMU PRO system to make players reach their maximum performance level as well as prevent injuries.

Pau Vaccaro, the Head of Performance of the team, shows how they have implemented the WIMU PRO system in one of the best beach soccer teams on a daily basis. The purpose to implement the best sport technology solution is to enhance the competitive level of the team as well as reduce the injury risk.

The WIMU PRO device is a small hybrid device placed in an upper back pocket of a sports vest worn by the athletes. The device accurately collects up to 20.000 data per second and measures more than 250 variables.

The positioning technology EPTS implemented in the system provides the location of the players on the pitch as well as the space relationship between each one. Likewise, the system integrates inertial measurements units (IMU) that provide relevant metrics such as speed, acceleration and deceleration, rotation, gravitational force, etc.

Pau uses the post session analytical software features by the WIMU PRO system called SPRO. “We find tendencies in the data by analyzing the information collected hence it allows us to optimize sessions”.

Likewise, SVIVO is the real time visualization data used by the staff to monitorize the physical activity in real time in order to make quick decisions and include alerts and alarms to solve or prevent any setback in the specific task in real time.


“The system shows different technical analysis options that gives a better understanding of the game context as well as the possibility to make decisions in real time.”

We can optimize the control of the workload in training sessions and games to reach the maximum performance level individually and in groups as well as prevent injuries.

This thorough analysis provided by the WIMU PRO system prompts in-depth analysis of the performance insights and key factors involved in beach soccer. Thus, the team can improve the planning and manage the external workload in training sessions as well as find new trends. The Spanish National Beach Soccer Team and WIMU PRO are trailblazers in the implementation of this revolutionary technology in Beach Soccer.



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