WIMU announces new SVIVO application using Garmin smartwatches

WIMU announces new SVIVO application using Garmin smartwatches

New feature enables elite athletes to view real-time performance metrics right on the wrist 

The collaboration between Garmin®, one of the world’s most advanced digital health companies and WIMU®, a Spanish company specializing in wearable device performance monitoring for elite sports, continues to grow. The cooperation between the two brands dates back to 2017 when WIMU incorporated heart rate from select Garmin devices as a feature within the WIMU PRO ecosystem, increasing the number of health metrics provided by the WIMU PRO device.

“With this latest integration and the new SVIVO app, WIMU PRO users can now see data from SVIVO app on Garmin smartwatches as part of their training plan set up,” said Isabel Pérez, WIMU PRO CEO. “Key metrics displayed include distance covered, sprints, accelerations and decelerations, energy expended-, training load, heart rate, recovery, and up to 25 different variables that are offered by the WIMU system through the application for SVIVO in real time. In addition, the SVIVO app incorporates a push-button function to set marks or laps during training sessions and competitions.”

The hybrid WIMU PRO GPS/LPS device is at the forefront of athletic performance tracking in elite sport. Leveraging the ANT+ protocol, the WIMU system streams athlete performance data in real-time during competition and training thanks to proprietary SVIVO software. WIMU has rolled out ANT+ support for Garmin smartwatches for the use in the new SVIVO App. WIMU PRO sensor allows athletes to view SVIVO performance metrics in real-time on their Garmin smartwatches, providing players and coaches immediate feedback.

Currently, 75% of the Spanish La Liga Santander teams, along with 60% of the La Liga Smartbank teams, are using the WIMU PRO system, as well as all professional football teams in Mexico, including Liga MX, Expansion, Femenil, National Teams and referees.  Numerous elite level teams around the world use the WIMU PRO technology, including the Olympic Federation.  As academic research often informs advances in athletic performance, the WIMU PRO system is also used by many universities around the world.

For more information about WIMU sport performance monitoring solutions, email info@wimu.es.

About Garmin Health

Garmin Health provides custom enterprise business solutions that leverage Garmin’s extensive wearable portfolio and high-quality sensor data for applications in the corporate wellness, population health, and patient monitoring markets. As part of a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide, Garmin Health supports its customers’ commerce and logistics needs, allowing enterprises to scale with a single, trusted partner. For more information, visit garmin.com/health, email media.relations@garmin.com, or connect with us at linkedin.com/company/garmin, twitter.com/garminnews, instagram.com/garminwellness or facebook.com/garmin.

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