Wimu Pro. Awarded with the FIFA Quality Certificate + best results in its last test

Wimu Pro. Awarded with the FIFA Quality Certificate + best results in its last test

The program carried out by FIFA to establish internationally recognized industry standards for quality and reliability for football technology has awarded Realtrack Systems’ WIMU PRO with the FIFA Quality certificate. In order to receive this renowned FIFA quality mark, this system needed to successfully accomplish a series of tests and requirements.


WIMU PRO is the sport performance monitoring system used in the high-performance sport segment that provides its user
The system is designed to support technical staff members as well as researchers in addition to sports entities and federations. The wealth of information made available by this system enables a decision-making process thoroughly based on objective and accurate information.s with physiological, kinematic and tactical information through its different software solutions.  The options embedded in the WIMU PRO system include real-time and post-session analysis software as well as a Cloud environment.

Such is the accuracy of the WIMU PRO System that, concurrently with obtaining the FIFA Quality certificate and its publication, Realtrack Systems shares their results of the last test performed with the WIMU PRO devices where it can be observed that this system offers the most accurate data:

The integration of the best technology in the market is leading Realtrack Systems to a strong growth that is bolstered by the trust of important customers at a global level.


We are looking for an Assembly & Test Specialist to join the WIMU team. Apply for the open job if you are interested! boards.greenhouse.io/hudl/job…

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The WIMU PRO wearable devices will join the most-advanced performance analysis solution in the industry.

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HR belt. - Premium quality GARMIN ANT+ HR belt.

WIMU vest. - Sport vest to wear the device

Access point. - WIFI access point configured to carry out specific tasks on SPRO.

ANT+ receptor. - Small size USB configured for live tracking on SVIVO.

WIMU Smart Station. (for packs with more than 10 devices)

Waterproof hardcase to carry, charge and manage the devices. - Capacity: 28 devices.

WIMU clicker. - Remote control to mark in the timeline.

Software & Services:

SPRO desktop license. - Data analyzer software.

SVIVO license. - Real-time data viewer software.