Wimu Pro recives the IMS quality certificate from FIFA

Wimu Pro recives the IMS quality certificate from FIFA

In the aim of securing EPTS (Elecronic performance and trancking systems) devices suitability, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has created a rigorous quality program consisting of different tests that these devices must pass in order to obtain the IMS mark (International Match Standart).

RealTrack Systems has successfully fulfill this certification program with its tracking device WIMU Pro. Receiving such a great distinction from FIFA and recognizing WIMU Pro as the first High Performance Tracking System to receive it.

This distinction allows the use of WIMU Pro according FIFA quality standards and guarantees that this sport tracking system is ideal to monitor professional football players’ performance during the competitions.

The IMS certificate joins the strong growth that RealTrack Systems is currently experiencing on the High Performance market and, more specifically, supports this company leadership in the world of football.

Concurrently to this important distinction, the Company keeps on growing with the project developed for the Mexican Football Federation, where WIMU is the system used by the 18 first division teams, referees and Mexico National Football Team. Other National Teams using WIMU Pro are Spain, Russia, Costa Rica and Latvia.

In addition, RealTrack Systems has signed a strategic alliance between its WIMU system and LALIGA to improve the analysis service that Mediacoach provides to the clubs.

Certainly, WIMU system and the Company RealTrack Systems, along with important entities such as the FC Barcelona Innovation HUB, the Technological Innovation Center of Mexican Football (Centro de Innovación Tecnológica del Fútbol Mexicano) –project in which RealTrack is one of the founding partners- and the most prestigious universities in the field of sport, are plotting a path that will contribute to improve the way we practice and enjoy sport.

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Curvilinear sprint is a physical demand in team sports. WIMU PRO features intelligent monitor called Dir Changes and COI that measure variables such as: - Centripetal Force (N) - Time until reach max angular speed (ms) - Gyro (º) Watch @valenciacf training curvilinear sprints pic.twitter.com/AKiyH5rbRJ


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HR belt. - Premium quality GARMIN ANT+ HR belt.

WIMU vest. - Sport vest to wear the device

Access point. - WIFI access point configured to carry out specific tasks on SPRO.

ANT+ receptor. - Small size USB configured for live tracking on SVIVO.

WIMU Smart Station. (for packs with more than 10 devices)

Waterproof hardcase to carry, charge and manage the devices. - Capacity: 28 devices.

WIMU clicker. - Remote control to mark in the timeline.

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SPRO desktop license. - Data analyzer software.

SVIVO license. - Real-time data viewer software.