WIMU PRO Awared with the World Rugby Player Monitor Device Certification

WIMU PRO Awared with the World Rugby Player Monitor Device Certification

WIMU is delighted to have been awarded with the World Rugby Player Monitor Device certification.

The WIMU PRO hybrid GPS/LPS wearable player tracking system is now recognized as an approved device, ensuring compliance with the performance specifications. The inertial sensor configurations provide an extensive footprint of player impacts, adaptations to volume and intensity both on and off the field. With the inclusion of the unique insights driven by tailored WIMU metrics, experience performance monitoring as never before. Quantify movements on and off the field, in the gym, or bring the gym to the field. Scientifically validated WIMU monitors can generate data from velocity based training or flexibility interventions.




Today the WIMU PRO system offers unparalleled information on intensity metrics, heart rate variability and change of direction, to name a few. Coupled with the option of synchronization with any video format, WIMU provides actionable intelligence on the tactical and technical dimensions of rugby. WIMU also offers SVIVO for live tracking and SPRO for data analysis. The common denominator is the new WIMUCLOUD. Data visualization is customized to generate individual player insights. Data informed decisions are at the core of WIMU´s values. The WIMU tools to achieve this are designed to support the needs of performance staff and players alike.

These videos of the analysis achieved in Rugby are a testament to the suite of options on offer with a click of a button. Raw data, quantification of impacts and breaking down the phases of movement guarantee objective qualitative analysis. The WIMU PRO system defines performance through the provision of the metrics that are integral to achieving the goals set by a team. This new milestone is a result of the commitment WIMU has engrained in the system, to provide a holistic approach to sport performance.


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HR belt. - Premium quality GARMIN ANT+ HR belt.

WIMU vest. - Sport vest to wear the device

Access point. - WIFI access point configured to carry out specific tasks on SPRO.

ANT+ receptor. - Small size USB configured for live tracking on SVIVO.

WIMU Smart Station. (for packs with more than 10 devices)

Waterproof hardcase to carry, charge and manage the devices. - Capacity: 28 devices.

WIMU clicker. - Remote control to mark in the timeline.

Software & Services:

SPRO desktop license. - Data analyzer software.

SVIVO license. - Real-time data viewer software.